Thomasville, Georgia – Good ol’ boy network – Alive and Well

Good ol’ boy network and its meaning: , or “Good old boys”, describes a system of social networking alleged to exist among communities and social strata. These networks are assumed to be located throughout the world and very prominent in small towns like Thomasville, GA. It is sometimes taken to refer to informal legal, judicial, social, religious, business, and political associations among members, (“good ol’ boys”).


Some negative effects of the good ol’ boy network are its exclusion of others, leading to possibly limiting business transactions to other elites or to friends or acquaintances from within the network, to give friends better deals, and generally to reinforce traditional power structures over any other elements in the society.

Most consumers and sellers do not realize that some real estate agents and brokerage offices supporting these low to bare minimum code homes knowingly and pushing these homes to consumers are only doing so for its easy sell while many listings sit un shown for years and sellers jumping from brokerage companies in hopes that their properties are shown more often. While these new under minimum code homes are pushed to consumers for being the best of the best other home sellers sit listening to their listing agents advise them to lower their selling prices because new and bigger homes are being sold for rock bottom prices and these prices are possible because of cutting corners in building cost. Our building inspectors should be vigilant to these practices in order to protect the consumers in order for them to utmost acquire a home built to minimum code.
It’s becoming more and more common to find misrepresented listings and claiming the properties to be more efficient and misstating their square footage in order to manipulate the price/sq. ft. and by using the words (

By Owner)as a loophole for the real estate agent and is sadly tolerated while the consumer gets mislead only to find out they ended up on the shorter end of the deal. 

Whatever happened to looking beyond the square footage and weighing in the amenities of each property and negotiating and comparing property amenities and their individual situation for their low sale? Why is it that certain Realtors have their hands in the home building industry and their personal listings selling for full price or very close to listing price and others have to sell below apprised value? Is your Realtor telling you that your home is overpriced? One possible reason is that Realtors are pushing homes under $300,000 thousand with more than over 3,000sq.ft. being built to bare minimum code and possibly even below code and comparing all homes to these SQUARE FOOTAGE.  agents bringing buyers to these homes everyday while others trying not to loss their home are not getting shown. What type of service are these dual agents providing to all their sellers and not to mention their buyers? Consumers did you know that a dual agent is not allowed to negotiate for either party in this capacity? They would be breaking the law if they did. Why would you deal with an agent in this capacity? I pose this question. Would you hire a divorce attorney working for you soon ex-husband? same scenario.

The following is a True Story experienced by our company in this small town and evidence of the Good ‘O Boy network in action:

We began building custom homes in Cairo, GA and offering features that were not being offered by no other local builder in effort to provide home buyers with a higher quality home with luxury features specific to each home we built. As a new company in the area and in a small town, we wanted to hire local quality companies. We visited many construction sites in search for these companies since we did not find many companies in the traditional way through advertisements. We visited many construction site in Thomasville, GA looking at different subcontractors and their workmanship. Mind You Cairo GA. is a small town and it is approximately 10 minutes from Thomasville, GA.  We were searching for a good local trim company and wanted to have the opportunity to see the trim work as well and we noted some work being done on a new home being built. As we visited the site to look at the workmanship in order to consider the trim company, we spoke with the person doing the trim work which was a small one man operation local company. We looked around the home and liked their detailed work and we asked him if he would be interested in doing some work for us up in Cairo GA. The gentleman replied sure he would love to do the work We gave him one of our business cards and asked him to call us. To our surprise when he took a look at our business card and saw our company name he informed us that he would not be able to do any work for our company and if he did the Good old boy Network would not give him anymore work in Thomasville, GA. Mind you these times where booming with home sales. At that point we realized that the small town of Thomasville did not receive new comers in the real estate business very well and to our astonishment could not believe these form of band existed in today’s day and age.

So, it makes you think who is manipulating the real estate system? Sellers and buyers do not realize what really goes on behind the scenes until they personally have been affected by the same systems that placed them in their homes but by then it is to late and a bitter experience is achieved and all Realtors are grouped with the bad apples in the industry. We have spoken to enough people to know that there are many with the same sentiments but do not have the means to publish there opinions. Many in the industry are not very happy with our strong opinions and bringing these issues to light.

But these blog’s are meant to educate consumers with our experiences and knowledge of what we see happening in our community. If you the reader feel differently and do not care for the information you are more then welcome to exit this web page and we want to thank you for your visit but we like to express our freedom of speech which is one of our countries greatest rights.

No Justice in a corrupted small town

Holds a Florida & Georgia Real Estate License

In  Thomas County GA. you can not rely on county officials to make sure your home is built right.


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