Thomasville, GA. Energy Efficient Homes or a Realtors Selling Gimmick.

Home Energy Audits:

A home energy audit is often the first step in making your home more efficient. An audit can help you assess how much energy your home uses and evaluate what measures you can take to improve efficiency. But remember, audits alone don’t save energy. You need to implement the recommended improvements. ENERGY STAR provides extensive information about home improvement projects to enhance energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and increase comfort.

Hire a Professional Home Energy Auditor:

If you are interested in getting specific recommendations for improving the efficiency of your home, consider contacting a professional Home Energy Auditor. A professional auditor can use a variety of techniques and equipment to determine the energy efficiency of your home. Thorough audits often use equipment such as blower doors, which measure the extent of leaks in the building envelope, and infrared cameras, which reveal hard-to-detect areas of air infiltration and missing insulation. Your first step should be to contact your utility to see if they offer free or discounted energy audits to their customers. If not, you can hire a home energy professional, such as a certified Home Energy Rater, to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency.

To find out more about energy efficient homes visit we are the first and only custom, green & smart home builders in south Georgia that has been actively implementing energy efficiency in their residential construction projects. Building homes to exceed minimum code homes and homes that will save you money as long as you own them.

If a real estate agent claims to have a property that is energy efficient they should be able to provide you with the documentation stating a HERS reading from the energy auditor of how much you will be saving on your energy bill with the improvements. Usually the more energy you save on a home the more value the home will have as well if a home had gone through the rigorous Energy Star program you can expect to pay a little more per square feet than a standard minimum code home. Simply because the systems that are implemented on the residence will cost more in order to provide the homebuyer with the savings and the comfort they will enjoy for years to come. Your real estate agent should not pass the responsibility to the seller by using the words energy efficient home as per owner all real estate agents and brokerage office are personally responsible for their listings and how they represent that listing and if the information on that property is not correct or misrepresented you as the home buyer have the right to pursuit legal action.

A smart consumer limits their risk of being deluded by their real estate agent that cannot provide documentation backing the property’s energy efficiency claims.

If you are in the process of purchasing a home and energy efficiency is one of your priorities consult with a Green Designated real estate agent or an EcoBroker Certified agent that has the training in this area of real estate properties that can best direct you in sorting out the energy efficiency property claims.
When buying an energy efficient home in Thomasville, GA. or an any other place.


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