The Words BY OWNER Realtors Using It As A Loophole!


Real estate agents and sellers in the Thomasville, GA area like to create blogs that talk about energy efficient homes and be fast to list an old home built in 1940’s and call it energy efficient without any qualifications or proof of how much energy buyers are really saving, but the loophole for these realtor’s is the words “BY OWNER by stating these two words on a listing the Realtor is off the hook. When you see these words BY OWNER being used on a listing, it is suggested to double check the source, if you’re the interested buyer of course. So, buyers next time you’re considering buying a home with guarantees on energy efficient savings ask your Realtor how many Green Energy Efficient Qualified homes have they shown or sold? (0) and how much do they really know about green homes. You will see that their education on green homes are limited, but most are fast to sell you a bare minimum code homes at under $80/per square foot and call it Quality Home” or list a property with more square footage then it really has and use BY OWNER Do not get me wrong, homeowners can make energy efficient upgrades to their homes and now that the City of Thomasville is hoping to go green in offering homeowners financial assistance for their upgrades we encourage every homeowner to do so but their is a fine line between ‘ENERGY EFFICIENT UPGRADED FEATURES” to actually calling the entire home as ENERGY EFFICIENT. Consumers need to know that in order to call the entire home as an energy efficient one the entire home needs to be tested before the upgrades and then after. This will provide a HERS score that will determine how much the home efficiency yield by its improvements. Consumers just remember knowledge is power especially on such a large investment as a home.

Do some brokers cheat when listing square footage?


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