Green Homes Sell For More and Faster Than Other Homes:

Green homes sell for more and faster than other homes

The homes that underwent the strictest certification, being tested by third parties, and thus likely to be the “greenest” did even better. They commanded prices 25% higher than regular homes, says the ECert report by Seattle-based GreenWorks Realty. It evaluates data from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, which began allowing real estate agents to mark homes as eco-certified in 2007

NOT, In Thomasville, Georgia Realtor’s here say that green homes need to be compatible to standard spec homes. It looks like the real estate market and realtors in Thomasville, Georgia are lost in the corn fields of reality when it comes to green homes.

Building Seattle Green

“In today’s changing market, this is an important finding for homeowners to consider,” noted Ben Kaufman, founder of GreenWorks Realty, who conducted the analysis. He added, “Environmentally certified homes offer homeowners a way to get the most value and sell more quickly.”

Environmentally certified homes include those certified by Built Green, Energy Star or LEED for Homes. From September 1, 2007 to March 31, 2008, 168 environmentally certified single-family new homes were sold in the City of Seattle out of a total of 848 new homes sold.

Here is some food for thought, realtors. Maybe you should try to offer your customer more then just square footage. I have seen in the last few months realtors pushing new spec homes that are being built to minimum code and below subdivision standards for $79/per foot. So if all of the realtors are showing these homes what about the sellers sitting on their homes for sale for a long time?

US Studies suggest eco-friendly property sells faster and for more than conventional buildings

Its report shows that environmentally certified new homes in King County sold between November 2009 and February 2010 sold for $71 more per square foot in 7% less time and made up 26% of the market.

Not in Thomasville, Georgia prefered agent listing is what sales first and more often, for the full commission.


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