Bad Agent Practice

I have been noticing more and more often that agent’s are leaving listings with an Active Status, despite the fact that they already have the home under contract. I hate having to explain to Buyers, that have just looked at a home and are ready to submit a contract, that the home is actually unavailable and has been under contract for weeks. This makes the Showing Agent look incompetent and deflates the spirits of an excited Buyer, who will now have to redirect their efforts after already having their heart set on a particular property.

This bad agent practice is inconsiderate and makes our job, as Realtors, more difficult than it needs to be. Furthermore, I do not feel that leaving a comment in Agent Remarks that the home is “Pending” is sufficient because this scenario still allows the Buyers to view the home in their searches and places agent’s in the awkward position of having to explain why an unavailable home is showing as Active/Available.

In our area we also have real estate agents that like to advertise some listings with just a yard sign then after they get a contract they uploaded to the MLS. This is one of the gimmicks used by dual agency to keep the commission sale .

Is anyone else bothered by this recurring practice?

I would also like to add that is also a place for old listings not removed from realtors to get more hits.


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