Extra insulation = Energy Efficient = NO – Are You Really Saving When Adding Extra Insulation?

798589_1327169608421_oI would like to thank Thomasville Landmarks for holding a very interesting workshop and having Mr. Carl Seville of Seville Consulting, LLC as a speaker. The workshop talked about the importance of energy efficiency and green building and confirmed 99% on what we have been advocating since 2007. One of the questions asked was if adding extra insulation to an attic of an existing home it would make it more energy efficient after the installation. The answer was just a confirmation for our argument on the majority of the properties being listed by their listing representatives, where homes that add extra insulation would make them energy efficient. This application will have virtually no effect on the homes efficiency without addressing other priority key issues first and if the home was not built initially with energy efficiency in mind.  In this case, this statement by the listing representative is being used as a gimmick and a marketing strategy.  This was just one of the topics that confirmed what we’ve been advocating for the past 5 years about listed homes being aggressively marketed with features which are very misleading to consumers that are not knowledgeable enough on the subject. Green energy efficient homes are built better and above minimum code. There are no short cuts when building an energy efficient home.

We have being bringing energy efficiency awareness for 5 years and many in the industry have slammed our company for calling out what they have been doing wrong and marketing incorrectly to consumers. Thomasville, GA. has had an ENERGY STAR Qualified home that many in the industry do not want to admit is the way to go.

Now the industry is faced with the Not So Big House movement that Capital Home Builders introduced in 2007. This home is currently up for sale at Sweetbriar Lakes Ph II.
The Florida Everglades are not the only place posing a big problem with snakes.


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