Big New Homes, Big Square Foot, Big Electrical Bill, Big Water Bill, With NO QUALITY!

How good can the quality be if these big homes when the person building is not licensed as a builder and has no building knowledge. I know building inspectors fallow the building code to the minimum, but this gives new meaning to minimum code more like bare to below as per my opinion. Good ol’ boy network My first conversation with this person was when he started building next to one of our homes. I asked if he is the builder he responded ES I told him that the subcontractors were burning construction materials he told me that he told them to burn it. I informed him that what he is doing is illegal, to please stop. He responded with I don’t care. I and a few residents called the fire department and they had to come out three times before he was fined, he stopped. It is bad enough that the real estate market is down, now we have to add these big and small cheap and bare minimum code built homes in South Georgia.


Update: 2015 These homes to date are being resold every few years because of the bad construction. The new owners after living in it notes the major problems and puts the house back on the market. It just keeps switching hands.

These homes are located around the city and county.


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