Why do Agents mislead the buyers with incorrect sq ft of the house they’re selling?

New homes and existing homes are being advertised with more square footage then what is listed in county public records and realtors are using the words by owner” to justify the extra 100 to 500 square footage that the home does not have. So when looking to buy a home in Thomasville, GA double check and triple

Check then ask for public records and have the appraiser check again, because I will bet my bottom dollar that extra square footage as done without a permit.

Be a smart consumer . Or be a foolish one and don’t ask but don’t expect any sympathy for not asking…

$100/per sq.ft. looks better then, $121/per sq.ft. Which is the true size of this home being sold? And you can not add a storage room as part of the sq.ft of the home unless the room is defined when it has a closet and a ceiling height of 7



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