Real Estate Commissions & Greedy Realtors

798589_1357918576102_oWhen you list a home with a Realtor you realize that you’re going to pay a Commission, but do you know how that commission is used? Usually when a realtor takes a listing the in Georgia the Commission is 6%. 3% goes to the listing agent and if another brokerage office sales the listing they get 3%, but if the same agent sales the home they get the full 6% commission WOW! Dual Agency is legal in Georgia. In Thomasville, GA. most of the time the only thing you get for paying 6% commission to sale your home is a yard sign and sometimes they do not post the listing on the MLS just to keep the full commission. And if you try to list your home for less then the 6% commission your home will NOT be shown by any brokerage company in Thomasville, GA or they will use the excuse that the home with less then 6% commission is overpriced. So next time you’re looking for a home or listing a home in Thomasville, GA don’t list with A GREEDY REALTOR!!!! Thomasville, GA. has its big share of GREEDY REALTORS!!!!! A home listed for $254,000 x 6% = $15,240 commission.
I found this posting in and found the posting very interesting and also the comments by realtors.

It looks like some local realtors are getting a kickback from showing new homes being built on hwy 122, Pavo Rd.. These homes are being excessively shown and being sold for full price. steering.


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