How to Measure and Calculate Residential Square Footage

Always check new and existing homes for sale in Thomasville, GA when it comes to square footage. Properties square footage advertised are more then they appear to be in real life.

Square Footage!: this seems to be a big problem for local Realtors, because the only qualified person that can actually determine a true homes square footage is an appraiser, but it looks like a few local Realtors like to inflate the square footage of a home and then use the words “by Owner. Realtors are suppose to use what public records has on file for square footage or appraisal, Not use the words “by Owner and then add 100sq.ft to 1,600sq.ft. more to that home to make the price per square foot look more appealing to a buyer.

To Buyers of any home: If the square footage of a home listed by a Realtor is not the same as public records or appraisal then the owner of that home or the previous owner made changes or finish a bonus room without a permit and you would not know if that bonus room was done right. This is a big problem. It is a free for all, when it comes to square footage in South Georgia. Buyer’s BEWARE!


Make a Sketch of the Home

Measure and Calculate Square Footage

Make a Sketch of the Home’s Perimeter

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Getting it Down on Paper

Inaccurately reported square footage is the subject of numerous complaints made each year to state real estate commissions. A small percentage of cases involve willful misrepresentation (knowingly giving incorrect information), but a larger number of complaints occur simply because agents and sellers don’t know how to measure a home’s square footage.

If your state real estate commission has not established square footage guidelines, the following recommendations for North Carolina agents might be of help, because they are based on widely accepted standards.

People who follow standard guidelines and document their measuring procedures are better equipped to defend their calculations if a complaint is filed.

Measure the House

  1. Starting at an exterior corner, measure the length of all walls. Round measurements to the nearest inch.
  2. Make a sketch of the home’s perimeter, recording all dimensions.
  3. If you must measure some areas from inside, add six inches for an exterior wall and four inches for an interior wall.

Determine Finished Living Areas

  • Must be space intended for human occupancy.
  • Must be heated by a conventional, permanent heating system.
  • Must have walls, floors and ceilings of materials generally accepted for interior construction.
  • Must be directly accessible from another finished area. That means a finished room accessed through any unfinished space cannot be counted as finished square feet.

Mark all unfinished areas on your sketch.
Builder holds multiple real estate licenses


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