Thomasville, GA is A Dual Agency State, and most of all Real Estate agents count on making full Commission by trying to sale their own listings. Realtors Only have one agenda and it is to sale their own listing and if they can’t they go for the listing with the highest commission and disregarding the buyer’s interest. They do not show all available listing at all. Today I sow a local realtor with buyers pass by a listing in the same subdivision, and same street because the commission was not up to her standards, she passed right by a house listed by a competing broker. I am wandering what she told those buyers, because the home is not overpriced for the area. And the reason I say overpriced is because local realtors when they do not want to show a particular listing because they do not like the listing agent of that home or the commission is not to their standards they will not show it. WOW! I really hope that those buyers do not regret the home they end up with because the local realtor did NOT show all available listings and from what I have seen and heard about our great local realtors they will end up regret the purchase.

Dual Agency

If a real estate agent working on the sale of a particular home also represents a client who might be interested in buying that home, by law, the agent must provide both the seller and the potential buyer with a “Dual Agency Consent Agreement” form to sign.

A sales agent is supposed to work only for the seller, but by signing the Dual Agency Consent Agreement, the seller waives that right and agrees that the agent is free to represent both buyer and seller in the deal.

The form outlines the process to be followed to ensure that the sale is completely fair to both the seller and buyer.

Neither seller nor buyers should agree to Dual Agency if they feel it’s not in their best interest.

IMPORTANT: Some agents urge clients to sign a Dual Agency form (as just a formality when they sign the agent up to sell their home. This is not a fair practice. Consumers should not sign the Dual Agency consent form in advance. A seller should sign the form only if and when another client of their sales agent is ready to make an offer on the seller’s home.


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