Buying a new Home in Thomasville or South Georgia Compare features..

Custom Green Homes from $89/Per Sq. Ft.

We don’t build eight minimum code homes at a time we build custom green high-performance homes and we build it right. Don’t overpay for a new home with less features and an overpriced H.O.A in South GA, We are the only builder building green homes in South Georgia with Energy bill GUARANTEED!

Capital Home Builders – We are the only true custom home builder in Thomasville, and South Georgia. CHB


Other New Homes
All of our homes are built with Florida Code NOT Georgia…. Better Code / Better Homes..
1) Stronger foundation and Footers – Our Found are built with Wire Mash and Fiber X
2) 2X6 Exterior Walls  – Stronger House and More Wall  Insulation X
3) Continuous load Path – Stronger House (Ask other builders will not know) X
4) Trusses Design with Heel for extra insulation X
5) Titanium Underlayment With Ice & water and installed properly. X
6) Whole House Surge protector X
7) Hole House Wiring For Smart Home X
8) Video Surveillance Monitor on Vacation X
9) Smart thermostat Lower A/C with Smart Phone. X
10) 2.5 Ton 16 SEER A/C unit. For a 2,500 Sq. Ft. Home. Very Energy Efficient X
11) Tankless Water Heater X
12) Top Quality Energy efficient Windows X
13) Advanced Framing – (Ask Other Builders Will not know what that is…) X
14) Insulated Georgia. X
15) No Bath inserts – Top Quality Porcelain Tile X
16) Dual Flush Toilets X
17) Architectural Shingles – NOT three tab shingles other builders use. X
18) 2’ Overhang trusses for more shade – Other builder NO…. X
19) 6″ Fascia For a better roof look – Other Builders 4” Fascia X
20) High Quality Cement Board Siding. X
21) Driveway has Fiber with Wire mash – Other Builders DO NOT X
22) A/C Unit reviewed by a mechanical Engineer X
23) Our homes are rated by an Energy Smart Rater. X
24) LED and CFLs – All of our homes come with High-End Lighting X
You will not find a better built home in Thomasville and South Georgia X

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