10 Real Estate Rider signs that should exist, in Thomasville, GA.

These should be mandatory riders in Thomasville, GA. We have many more, but why, You get the point This riders would give the buyer some heads up on what they may be getting themselves into, but by the time the consumer figures it out or not it’s too late. Do yourself a favor get a buyers agent when looking to purchase a home in Thomasville, GA. If not you’re giving up your rights to getting the best price and the best representation. The agent working for the seller is looking out for that seller not you. When a listing agent has the seller sign a SELLER PREPRESENTATION AGREEMENT ( EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO REPRESENT) it means that the selling agent is working for that seller and agrees to get the best price for that seller, so HELLO, how can that selling agent working for the seller, get you the buyer the best price.. GET A BUYERS AGENT in Thomasville, GA. or you’re screwed. There are too many greedy agents in Thomasville, GA. selling their own listings to buyers for the full commission. Oh, and look out for those homes being sold for $87/per sq.ft. they are cheaply built.













By Marlene Bienes,  Thu Mar 14 2013, 03:37

I hate to say this but this post is true. Although there are some great agents in the industry there are very bad apples that the only thing they think about is their pockets not the clients. I have read many positive blogs trying to counter act the true picture of the industry but you would have to wonder how can one industry be so flawless? As an agent it is so disappointing to admit that the negative materials are basically true. I myself had the most disappointing experience happen to me this past weekend when an agent brought a client to one of my listings and when the client showed interest the agent confronted me and told me that the commission being paid was not enough. I was taken a back because I have had closings in which I have worked so hard with my client and have earned practically nothing but that’s what an agent does. It is ALL ABOUT THE CLIENT.

To my astonishment the buyers agent dropped the client and told them that they could not assist them. This agent preferred not to earn nothing then to earn something. What this tells me is that this agent was putting their pocket before the clients best interest. I was so disappointed because this agent just made every single negative blog about the industry true. My industry surely will not like my commenting on this blog but the truth hurts and the consumer should know that not all agents are this way. Many agents will go out of their ways to make their brokerage proud and adhere to what agents stand for which is our clients best interest is ALWAYS FIRST.

By Scott Godzyk,  Thu Mar 14 2013, 06:10

You do get what you pay for in both homes and agents, discount agent can mean discounted levels of services and discount homes can mean less quality. Great signs.

By Capital Home Builders,  Thu Mar 14 2013, 17:38

Marlene, thanks you for your honesty, you know that by talking the truth about these local agents will put you against this agents (cult) and your listings will not be shown. And yes there are many good agents who have their clients best interests first, but unfortunately there are many of them that give the few good agents a bad name. These agents are hard to spot because they have been practicing deceiving the consumer for a very long time they are really good at it. And for these bad agents who try to hide behind their southern accent you are not fooling anyone.

“As a builder and knowing a little about real estate do yourself a big favor get yourself a buyer’s agent”.


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